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Event Details
  Koinonia 23
  October 24, 2014 4:30 PM CST
  October 26, 2014 5:00 PM CST
  Carmelite Spiritual Center, 8433 Bailey Rd  Darien, IL 60561

Fellowship – the Greek word “Koinonia” means “fellowship.” This Catholic retreat offers a chance to get to know others who take their faith seriously, but not so seriously that they forget that fellowship requires others to feel comfortable. Fellowship requires hospitality:All, even non-catholics are welcome!

Fun – Fellowship means that we have fun. We have a lot of fun with a lot of surprises that make us laugh or feel good about the fact we have a retreat. All of your needs will be met, have fun and laugh!

Food –Be sure to give us your dietary needs because we will have snacks, regular meals and treats. You will not have to worry about any of your needs during this weekend.

Faith – Of course, the retreat talks about the death (Die Day), resurrection (Rise Day) of Jesus Christ and the sending forth of Jesus’ followers (Go Day) over three days (Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday). Talks are given by students who will share with you their take on faith in their lives. For some participants, it changes their lives. For others, it gives them a loving atmosphere to help them along the way.

Future – What is your future and how could your relationship with God be better? How could your relationship with God make your life more meaningful? How could your future be filled with new friends who support you even when you don’t feel like you should be supported? “I was someone who wasn’t so sure about this retreat idea. I went and can say now: you have to go on this retreat!”

Students of traditional college age from all Benedictine University Campuses, North Central College, College of DuPage and other students at the discretion of the Director of University Ministry, are eligible.

Catholic Faith. Welcoming Spirit.

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