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Entrepreneur Coffee & Mugs
Entrepreneur Coffee is a micro-roasted coffee brand based in Clarkson University’s Reh Center for Entrepreneurship. We started Entrepreneurship Coffee as a way to support local entrepreneurs in our region, and we invest 100% of our profits into small business development. We’re committed both to partnering with small business owners at every stage of our operations and to serving you only the highest-quality coffee with minimal impact on the environment.

To view the coffee packaging, click here. To view the Ceramic Alumni Mug, click here.

At Entrepreneur Coffee, we like to say that “It’s all good.”
  • Good for You. We serve a delicious roast that is tasted and selected by local small business owners.
  • Good for the Community. We invest 100% of our profits in local, small business development.
  • Good for the Environment. We use only USDA certified organic coffee beans, and Entrepreneur Coffee is managed in a Clarkson University Gold Knight certified sustainable office.
  • Good for the World. Our beans are sourced from only organizations embracing fair trade practices.

The cost of the coffee is $13.69 which includes the fee for shipping. If purchased with a bag of coffee, the mugs cost $4.00 each; individually, mugs cost $6.50.

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