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Event Details

Event Title:  Fuqua Event: Growing Business in a Down Market
Date TBD
Date:   Jul 1, 2012
Time:   1:00AM
Location:   TBD
Description:   Fuqua is working on an event for July or August 2012 that will highlight how companies have successfully grown in a down market; the event will focus on an interesting company that has enjoyed growth in the current downturn. The event will provide insight into the economy and industry dynamics. It should be an exciting event with a tour of the facilities and presentation by executives. Stay tuned for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: The date of this event is not yet set. The date listed above is simply a place-holder for the Duke DC calendar. This listing will be updated when the date and location are finalized.

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We are Looking for Volunteers
If you would like to get involved and volunteer, please contact either Jamie (, Barr (, or Chrissy ( We are looking for additional volunteers to help with events and ideas.