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Alumni Trustee Nomination
Emory’s Board of Trustees includes eleven alumni trustees, who serve six-year terms as full members. Prospective alumni trustees are nominated by the Emory Alumni Board. Strong alumni trustee nominees will bring a range of skills, talents, and perspectives to the Board of Trustees. Factors considered important for consideration as an alumni trustee include:
·         Demonstrated leadership.
·         Diversity in gender, race, age, and geographic location.
·         Expansive thinking to aid in defining the role of Emory in society by applying the University’s vision statement.
·         Involvement in and experience with complex institutions.
·         The ability to attract financial resources to Emory through individual giving or involving others.
Alumni trustee nomination forms may be submitted together with up to two optional one-page letters describing how the nominee meets at least one of the criteria listed above. In addition, up to three additional pages of information may be submitted in support of the nominee and may include a biography, photographs, and copies of articles or publications, etc. This additional information can be emailed to Fiona Riedl.

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