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Corpus Cordis Aureum Judson C. Ward Golden Heart Award Nomination

The Judson C. Ward Golden Heart Award was established in May of 2010 in honor of its namesake and first recipient. This award, given by the Emory Alumni Association, recognizes Emory alumni who have demonstrated the values beheld tirelessly by Dr. Judson “Jake” Ward. Alumni who possess one or more of the following attributes are eligible to be nominated:

·         Generosity of spirit and willingness to serve others.

·         Above and beyond loyalty to Emory University.

·         A track record of extended service and exceptional, yet humble contributions of time and service to Emory University and to one’s community either “behind the scenes” or through regional clubs, chapters, and other Emory or community groups.

Nominees and potential recipients must also meet the following criteria:

·         Be an inducted, living member of Corpus Cordis Aureum (alumni who graduated 50 or more years ago from any of Emory’s schools).

·         Non-inducted alumni who are part of the 50-Year reunion class or who are eligible to be inducted into Corpus Cordis Aureum may be nominated; they will be inducted during the ceremony.

·         Ability to attend or send a representative to attend the award ceremony.

Nominations for the Golden Heart Award are solicited and accepted each year by the Emory Alumni Association. To nominate an alumnus/a, please answer the questions below, describing how the Nominee meets at least one of the attributes and all of the criteria listed above. Additional information can be emailed to Fiona Riedl. 

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Additional supporting documents describing how the nominee meets the above criteria and any questions can be directed to Fiona Riedl at