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Emory Medal Nomination
The Emory Medal is the highest University award given to alumni. It honors distinguished service to Emory or the Emory Alumni Association, service to the community, and/or outstanding professional achievement. The Emory Medal was first awarded in 1946 and is given annually to one to three recipients. It is one of the most prestigious University honors; just 150 have been given since the award was established. The current Emory Medal was designed and cast in 1987. The Medal is emblazoned with Emory’s seal, which features the University motto: Cor prudentis possidebit scientiam. Translated: “The prudent heart will possess knowledge.

Emory Medalists are chosen by the Nominating and Leadership Committee of the Emory Alumni Board. Criteria: The Emory Medal is the highest alumni award given by Emory University and, as such, recognizes alumni who represent the very best of Emory University. Medalists typically are recognized for their accomplishments in at least one of the following areas:
  • Distinguished service to Emory, the association, or a constituent alumni association;
  • Achievement of the highest distinction in a field of learning, the arts, the professions, or public/community service;
  • Compelling reasons why it would be particularly fitting for the Emory Alumni Association to honor the nominee.
In addition to the above criteria, the following guidelines apply to the selection of the Emory Medal recipients. Non-alumni are not eligible for receipt of The Emory Medal. Historically, a few exceptions have been made where a non-alumnus who has made extraordinary contributions to the University of direct benefit to alumni has received this award, however, these exceptions are extremely rare and, generally, occurred prior to 1985.
  • Alumni of the University who have received the Emory University Honorary Degree are not eligible to receive the Emory Medal.
  • Active Emory employees are not eligible to receive the Emory Medal.
Please submit this Nomination Form together with up-to-two optional one-page letters describing how the Nominee meets at least one of these criteria. Any additional materials can be emailed to Fiona Riedl.

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