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UGA Keys to the Dawg House

Event Title:   UGA Keys to the Dawg House
The Toombs & Montgomery Counties Club
Date:   Sep 21, 2010
Time:   6:30PM ET
Location:   Southeastern Technical College
Vidalia, GA 30474
Description:   As many have pointed out, it is getting more competitive every year to gain entrance into the University of Georgia. The purpose of the Keys to the Dawg House event is to help area students, parents, and school personnel raise their awareness of this challenge and suggest strategies to assist students in reaching this goal. The program will target families of students that are in middle school through their junior year of high school, a period when the opportunity to build the high school academic requirements for admission to UGA is still open.

A UGA admissions counselor will lead an hour-long presentation. Topics to be covered will be what high school curriculum is key for UGA entrance as well as what seventh, eighth and ninth grade students can do to make themselves viable candidates for enrollment. Additional points of discussion will include whether Advanced Placement courses are worth the effort, how to handle the application process along with some dispelling some myths, as well as comparing the significance of grade-point average to SAT and ACT test scores.

If you have a child who is thinking about applying to UGA one day, or if you know a young person who is interested in attending college in Athens, please encourage them to attend the Keys to the Dawg House. They will leave with valuable information while learning more about what an incredible institution of higher learning the University of Georgia is.

There are almost 400 Georgia graduates in the Toombs and Montgomery Counties area. Get involved with your UGA Alumni Association Club by contacting the local president, Barry Dotson, at

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