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Event Details
  Seminar on Survival (SOS)
  March 5, 2014 7:00 PM ET
  March 5, 2014 8:00 PM ET
  CAMPUS: Newton 214
Do I really have to read my apartment contract? What documents should I keep in a fire-safe box? When is it time to start my own health insurance plan? Do I have to start a retirement plan right away? What do I do about auto insurance, I am no longer covered on my parent’s policy? Come learn how to answer these types of questions and more at UAA's Seminar on Survival!

UAA’s S.O.S. (Seminar on Survival) Program is geared toward upperclassmen, those of you who will soon be making your way in the “real world” after graduation. SOS features five alumni panelists, each an expert in their field: Lawyer, Human Resources Director, Certified Personal Financial Planner, Insurance Agent, and Certified Personal Organizer

Each panelist will discuss the most important issues facing young adults as pertains to their area of expertise. This program focuses on real-life questions and concerns of Geneseo students about to graduate. Attendees will be provided a “Take 5” tip sheet (highlighting the top 5 tips from each of our 5 panelists).

This is a great opportunity for last minute PD credit!