This Show Means Right Now

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  This Show Means Right Now
  June 6, 2013
  June 22, 2013
  Magnan Metz Gallery 521 W. 26th Street, New York, NY
Montclair State University is pleased to announce This Show Means Right Now, the 2013 MFA Thesis Exhibition. The exhibition will be on view at Magnan Metz Gallery in Chelsea, New York from June 6th to June 22th.
Please join us for the opening on Thursday June 6th from 6-8 pm. Magnan Metz Gallery is located at 521 W. 26th Street, New York, NY.

The exhibition is curated by the MFA's 2012-13 visiting critic Matthew Nichols.

Featuring works by:
Jay Roth  - Eric Valosin - Marta Kepka  - Jamie Levine - John Viggiano - Aneta Wegrzyn - Kevin McCaffrey - Flávia Berindoague - Ronit Levin Delgado - April Zanne Johnson - E. Dannielle Slaughter -

"The curious title of this show conveys a sense of urgency. Its assertive immediacy is reinforced by the partial strikethrough, which already casts the exhibition into the past. Blink and you’ll miss it. Indeed, when one considers the years of hard work and anticipation that precede it, the lifespan of an MFA show is exquisitely short. In just a few weeks this gallery will be vacated, the works will be dismantled and dispersed, and these eleven artists will be newly minted MFA graduates, cut loose from a curriculum to plot their next creative moves in the world.
But by privileging the passing moment over the exhibition itself, I think these artists are giving typographic form to their optimism. I suspect this show means right now because they view it less as an end point and more like a caesura in their unfolding lives as artists. As the current visiting critic at Montclair State University, it has been my pleasure and privilege to witness a crucial phase of this evolution. I have thoroughly enjoyed my weekly visits to their studios, our classroom discussions of texts and ideas, and the lively and probing debates about each artist’s work. This group has impressed me with their sharp minds, honest exchanges of criticism, and the mixture of industry and risk that has propelled their work forward."
- Matthew Nichols.

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