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Event Details
  2016 Alumni Leaders Conference (Invitation Only)
  May 20, 2016 8:00 AM ET
  May 20, 2016 9:00 PM ET
  Ohio University
 Athens Campus
The Ohio University Alumni Association is excited to welcome our dedicated volunteers to the 2016 Alumni Leaders’ Conference!

The annual Alumni Leaders’ Conference purpose is to equip you, our leaders, to effectively inform, serve and engage alumni within your networks. This in turn advances the Association and University's mission, vision and national prominence. The 2016 Alumni Leaders’ Conference is an invitation only conference for our chapter and society volunteers.

The Alumni Leaders’ Conference will again be a part of our On The Green Weekend and you are invited to attend the entire weekend’s schedule of events. Please note as this is a private registration page, you will need to register separately for On The Green Weekend events. The link to our On The Green registration is provided on the Alumni Leaders’ Conference confirmation page.

 Accommodations Complimentary Shared Dorm Room -
The Ohio University Alumni Association will cover the dorm room costs for ALL members of your alumni network staying in Bromley Hall*.
*This location is subject to change.

Please check back for a listing of hotels offering an On the Green Weekend discounted rate.

2016 Alumni Leaders’ Conference Schedule:
Please check back for the ALC schedule.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided as part of the conference package.

Travel to and from the Alumni Leaders’ Conference is at the expense of the individual. The Ohio University Alumni Association will not cover any of these costs.
Transportation while on campus will be provided by the Ohio University Alumni Association.

Travel Scholarships:
For volunteers living outside the state of Ohio two travel scholarship are available.  Please visit to download the scholarship application.

The Ohio University Alumni Association is recommending business casual dress for the conference and professional or semiformal attire for the Awards dinner.

It is expected participants attend as many sessions as possible. Should a participant take advantage of the free accommodations and not attend sessions, your network will automatically be debited $200 of the conference fee and accommodations.
It is expected each network have at least one representative at the 2015 Alumni Leaders’ Conference.

The Alumni Leaders’ Conference registration will close on April 25, 2016.
Please note the conference does not allow for walk ups.
Cancellations or changes to a registration must be received by April 25, 2016.

If you have questions about the 2016 Alumni Leaders' Conference please contact Erica Lipscomb at 740-593-4304 or
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Conference Registration

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Accommodations (*all exclude travel and room incidentals)
Complimentary Package
The Ohio University Alumni Association will cover the costs* for ALL members of your alumni network staying in a SHARED DORM ROOM.

Hotel Upgrade
Volunteers selecting the upgraded hotel accommodations will be responsible for making their own reservations and payment.

No Housing
Volunteers selecting the no housing are responsible for making their own accommodations.

If you selected the shared dorm complimentary package, please list two roommate preferences. Most rooms are double occupancy.

If you selected a shared dorm complimentary package, the rooms have bunk beds that can be debunked upon request. Beds can not be debunked upon arrival.
If you selected a shared dorm complimentary package, please note ADA rooms are single occupancy only; no exceptions.
In an effort to be fiscally and environmentally mindful, please indicate the meals you will be in attendance for so that we may share accurate information with our caterers.  

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(e.g. allergies, vegetarian, diabetic) or mobility needs. We will make every attempt to accommodate your needs.