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The Herd is the Student Alumni Association of the University of Colorado at Boulder. It is the largest student organization on campus with almost 6000 current members. As the Student Alumni Association, The Herdís mission is to improve the college experience of CU-Boulder students. The Herd accomplishes this through events and member benefits. The organization strives to promote inclusiveness, camaraderie, and Buff pride. Additionally, it aims to provide a positive and prideful CU experience and to strengthen old and build new traditions. Some of The Herdís lasting traditions include The Nearly Naked Mile, CU Idol and St. Baldrickís Day. By being a member of The Herd, students receive discounts to stores and restaurants in Boulder, including the CU Book Store, Illegal Peteís on Pearl, Half Fast, Cheba Hut, The Rib House, Rush, and much more! Additionally, Herd members receive a $10 discount on the Ski Bus! Herd members will also have the opportunity to receive free Herd gear, such as T-shirts, hats, water bottles, and much more at every Herd event.

There are two membership options. A student can join for one year for $20, or for four years for $49. Signing up for the four year membership ($49) saves a student $31 over the course of four years. That is the equivalent of buying an extra-large pizza from Cosmoís!

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