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Event Title:  Faculty Perspectives: Creating Real Change in Science Learning and Teaching
Webinar Program
Date:   Mar 1, 2012
Time:   1:00PM - 2:00PM ET
Location:   Click to Register
Description:   Featuring April Luehmann, Associate Professor of Education, Teaching and Curriculum, Warner School of Education and Human Development

The United States has fallen behind other developed nations on international science tests and in the percentage of students who graduate from college with degrees in natural sciences or engineering. Join April Luehmann, an award-winning faculty member and author, as she discusses science education initiatives at the Warner School, including the Get Real! Science teacher preparation program in which teacher candidates develop into reform-minded science teachers. In her talk, Professor Luehmann will discuss the importance of inquiry-based, project-focused learning environments, the significance of students' designing their own experiments, and how these pedagogical models might fit different local circumstances.

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