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Event Details

Event Title:  The Great Debates
Faculty lecture and luncheon with Dr. Robert 'Bob' Withycombe
Date:   Oct 13, 2012
Time:   11:30AM - 1:30PM
Location:   Rock Bottom Brewery and Restaurant
1001 16th Street Unit A-100
Denver, CO 80265
(303) 534-7616

Description:   Join one of Whitman's most engaging faculty members for a look at American presidential debating historically and at the 2012 Obama-Romney debate on domestic topics to be held in Denver in early October.

For over fifty years, since the “great debates” between Kennedy and Nixon were televised to almost 100 million viewers in 1960, presidential debates have helped launch candidates onto the national scene, played instrumental roles in creating public perceptions, and in the case of candidates who offered exceptionally bad answers to rather obvious questions, force campaigns to scramble into damage control mode. In October the Denver area will see this process up close.

Dr. Robert 'Bob' Withycombe, retired professor of rhetoric and film studies, came to Whitman College in 1980 to direct the speech and debate team. For 13 years he laid and strengthened the foundation of what is now considered a top program on the national stage. During his career Dr. Withycombe earned numerous honors at Whitman and in 2009 was named the Washington Professor of the Year, an award sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education in honor of extraordinary dedication to teaching.

This event is currently closed. Please contact the Alumni Office at 1.800.835.9448 ext. 1 to inquire about late registration.